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Human Resources

From the top down, BAC strives for the highest standards of staff development. While only a relatively small team of just over 230, BAC is nevertheless one of Queensland's most successful companies, with an estimated enterprise value of over $4 billion.

The dynamic, uniquely-skilled and highly motivated team at BAC is focussed on the delivery of high-quality services and products at Brisbane Airport, in a work environment that can be both enjoyable and challenging.

With an ambitious 2010 Business Plan and a new purpose, vision and values statement for BAC, the structure of the organisation came under review. The new structure for BAC will mean new business goals and objectives, a renewed focus on developing BAC's extensive property assets and making the best use of current infrastructure assets.

A series of new business units were progressively rolled out throughout 2010, focusing on BAC's key business activities - assets, property, terminal retail, aviation business development and parking and ground transport.

Despite great change, the core values of the organisation remain the same. BAC recognises its staff are its most valuable asset, and seeks to provide experiences and opportunities that will further develop our people personally and professionally. Staff are encouraged to become involved in not just their day to day duties, but also the many community activities of the organisation, including the Brisbane Airport Community Engagement Program, as well as safety and environmental awareness programs.

In September 2009 BAC staff got their hands dirty on a BACyard blitz across the north side of Brisbane. As part of BAC's annual team building 'Passion Days' the company partnered with the local north side charity, Australian Community Safety and Research Organisation (ACRO), which operates social justice programs for people in need. BAC staff visited a number of homes over two weeks providing free yard and house cleaning and in some cases home and yard makeovers.

Passion days have been running at BAC for seven years and are a great opportunity for busy staff to make a difference in the community and to become inspired to make a difference in their own lives, both at work and at home.