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Community Engagement Program

It has been a landmark year for Brisbane Airport's partnerships with the local community, built on a newly formalised community engagement program. The program includes the long running Brisbane Airport Community Forum (BACF) supplemented by a new online forum, an independently chaired community consultation group involving a wide range of members drawn from Greater Brisbane communities, an integrated planning coordination forum comprising Federal, State and Local government planning authorities, and the unique Brisbane Airport Experience Centre.

Following the approval of the 2009 Brisbane Airport Master Plan and the release of the Aviation White Paper in December 2009, BAC has sought to meet and in many cases exceed the Federal Government's expectations of more intensive engagement with the local community, particularly concerning the airport's operations and its community impacts.

BAC's philosophy is that the growth of Brisbane Airport, particularly the future operations of a runway system that will cater for a doubling of passenger numbers over the next 20 years, requires strong and sustainable links with the community, and a commitment to transparent and accessible information. This can only occur if there is a genuine and sustained engagement between the airport, its stakeholders and the community at large.

Airport operations are the focus of the newly formed Brisbane Airport Community Aviation Consultation Group (BACACG), which includes six Community Interest Monitors from relevant federal electorates within the 15-kilometre zone around Brisbane Airport, as well as representatives of the Queensland Premier and the Brisbane Lord Mayor, and nominees from the major airlines, Air Services Australia and BAC itself.

In 2010 former Queensland Governor, Major-General Peter Arnison (AO) was appointed as Independent Chair of the Brisbane Airport Community Aviation Consultation Group (BACACG) bringing extensive experience in community relations after working as Chairman of the Traveston Crossing Dam Community Futures Taskforce.

BAC recognises that our capital city airport has a wide range of impacts on many people, whether from an economic and business point of view, servicing the tourism industry, facilitating safe and reliable passenger and freight air travel, or contributing to the liveability of our growing communities.